Whats the best way to learn Get That Pirates Booty?

Watch the video and start Playing! Its easy to learn and simple to play!

2-6 Players

Ages 8+


Be the first player to collect/steal 3 sets of 4 treasure cards


Collect/steal 4 Pirate Ship cards. 

Sounds simple right? Wrong. Not when there are other pirates stealing away your Booty!   

Each player starts with 7 cards in their hand and 1 pirate coin that can protect only one treasure. At the start of each players turn, each player draws two more cards and can lay up to 3 cards per turn. Players can add treasure cards to their own treasure, challenge others for their treasure or play action cards to disrupt other players from winning.

Get That Pirates Booty is a highly strategic game of stealing from other players, with lots of twist and turns. If you like games that involve pirate ships, treasure, stealing parrots and more stealing! This is the game for you!